Caddisflies (Trichoptera)

Greek "trichos" (hair) + "ptera" (wings)
Caddisflies have silky hairs on the wings and most of the body. They are nocturnal, and during the day they hide in plants near water. Adults are short-lived and rarely eat. The larvae live in or near the water, and have a caterpillar-like form. They often build cases for themselves out of stones, leaves, or twigs, or their own silk. Some caddisflies are predators and spin webs to catch prey.

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Silver Striped Caddis Fly
T. W. Davies © 1999 California Academy of Sciences
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Caddis Fly
© 2006 Joyce Gross
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Caddis Fly Larva
© 2006 Joyce Gross

Quick ID

  • Wings and body covered in hair
  • Wings held tent-like over the abdomen
  • Caterpillar-like larvae built cases

More information about Caddisflies

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