Orb-weavers (Araneidae)

Orb weavers vary in size from tiny (Cyclosa bifurca is around 1.5 mm) to enormous ( can be around 30mm). They build circular orb-webs, often destroying the web (sometimes by eating it) at the end of a hunting period and rebuilding it from scratch at the beginning of a new one. Their webs resemble those spun by long-jawed orb-weavers (Tetragnathidae) except that araneids' webs are usually oriented vertically, and tetragnathids' webs have an empty space at the center.

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Garden Spider
2003 Johan Van Hoecke
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Golden Garden Spider
Jo-Ann Ordano 2004 California Academy of Sciences
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Marbled Orbweaver Spider (male)
2007 Cirrus Digital Imaging
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European Garden Spider
2005 Diogo Verissimo

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