Lacewings & Antlions (Neuroptera)

Greek "neuron" (sinew) + "ptera" (wings)
The order for these insects, Neuroptera, means "Nerve-Winged Insects", which refers to the extensive net-like branching in their two pairs of membranous wings. When not in flight, wings are folded over the abdomen or held up tent-like. Lacewings & Antlions are related to the Megaloptera which are sometimes included in the Neuroptera order. Adults are mostly predators, or they may feed on plant nectar and pollen. Larvae live in soil or on plants and eat smaller aphids, mites, and scale insects. Larvae have special pincer-shaped mouthparts to impale their prey and then suck out the body through hollow tubes.

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Green Lacewing
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Dr. Antonio J. Ferreira © 1999 California Academy of Sciences
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Quick ID

  • Two pair of wings, heavily netted
  • Wings may be held tent-like over the body
  • Long thread-like antennae

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