Berkeley BioKeys Admin Files Berkeley BioKeys Admin Files More random information/links here.

Top-Level Nodes
Birds /keys/birds/index.html GO/JG Are there websites we can link to for now? Species lists? Guidebooks?
Mammals /keys/mammals/index.html GO/JG Shouldn't be too many of these - maybe photos of main groups?
Invertebrates /keys/inverts/index.html GO/JG mostly done with this page - Joyce needs to clean up the pics
Plants & Fungi /keys/plants_fungi/index.html MP Need to flesh out the wording; this page will link to 3 main pages
Amphibians & Reptiles /keys/amphibs_herps/index.html GO/JG Have key for Bay Area frogs/toads - OK for reserves? Need to html-ize it up and add photos. Need something on reptiles.
Invertebrate Nodes
Mollusca /keys/inverts/mollusca.html
Just a page with various photos and brief explnation?
Annelida /keys/inverts/annelida.html
Ditto above
Myriapoda /keys/inverts/myriapoda.html
Ditto above
Crustacea /keys/inverts/crustacea.html
Ditto above
Insecta /keys/inverts/insecta.html DH largely done; need photos (Joyce)
Arachnida /keys/inverts/chelicerata.html SL Steve - spiders (what about mites, ticks, etc.?)
Insecta Nodes
Beetles /keys/inverts/coleoptera.html AS
Earwigs /keys/inverts/dermaptera.html

Dragonflies, damselflies /keys/inverts/odonata.html AS
Moths & butterflies /keys/inverts/lepidoptera.html DH David is planning family key
Flies /keys/inverts/diptera.html

Grasshoppers & crickets /keys/inverts/orthoptera.html

Ants, bees, and wasps /keys/inverts/hymenoptera.html

Aphids /keys/inverts/aphididae.html

More insects /keys/inverts/more.html
Have termite species from DH - need to find a place for those. What other insects?
Plant & Fungi Nodes
Woody Plants /keys/plants_fungi/woody.html MP
Herbaceous Plants /keys/plants_fungi/herb.html MP
Fungi & Lichens /keys/plants_fungi/fungi.html MP
Mosses & Ferns /keys/plants_fungi/mosses.html MP