Berkeley BioKeys is a tool that non-scientists can use to identify plants and animals found at the reserves of the University of California and in the San Francisco Bay Area. Berkeley BioKeys is a collaboration of Exploring California Biodiversity (GK12), the California Biodiversity Center (CBC), and the Berkeley Natural History Museums at the University of California, Berkeley.

It was conceived by Rosemary Gillespie, Director of the GK12 project. Advice, input, and support was provided by faculty researchers Brent Mischler, Craig Moritz, Mary Power, George Roderick, and Kipling Will.

The fellows of the GK12 project, and the GK12 coordinator Betsy Mitchell, tested the BioKeys tools and provided feedback.

The BioKeys website was designed and built by a team of graduate students David Hembry, Stephen Lew, Michael Park, and Ainsley Seago, along with programmers Joyce Gross and Ginger Ogle (BSCIT)

Arachnids KeyStephen Lew
Insect Orders Key David Hembry
Plant KeyMichael Park
Graphics, Design, DrawingsAinsley Seago
Programming, Website Admin   Joyce Gross, Ginger Ogle

Other Acknowledgements

All drawings on the BioKeys site were made by Ainsley Seago.

All photos on the site were taken by Joyce Gross and Stephen Lew unless otherwise noted.

Thanks to the following for providing helpful information about insects and spiders:

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